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Important Facts About Car Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of

Did you know that the mortality rate of car accidents is even higher than the number of people killed in homicide and war combined each year? You must be aware that over one million people die annually all throughout the world, and half million for war and homicide cases. Car accidents are considered as one of the leading causes of mortality rate in the United States, ranking fourth in the list of CDC. You might think that you are too morbid reading these things, but equipping yourself with the right knowledge is really empowering.

Remember that accidents do happen, but if you firmly believe in this sying without preventive action is seemingly risking you and your family’s life in great danger, making you a willing victim of a car accident. As stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the primary cause of car crashes is human error taking into account 93% of the overall causative factors. Human error may include speeding, and distracted driving such as talking on the phone or texting. The number one offender is drunk driving, killing 28 people in the United States every day. The different types of car crashes include sideswipes, rollovers, head-on collisions, and rear-enders. Through nobody wants to experience car crash, some are worse than others, most especially the fatal head-on collision. There is a good reason why the government is strict when reinforcing traffic rules and use of seat belts for safety reasons as evident with their campaigns using phrases such as “Click it or ticket.” and “Buckle up or pay up.”. Almost 50% of car accident fatalities show that the victim was not wearing a seatbelt. Almost 14,000 Americans were saved in 2015 because of the use of seatbelts.

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The surprising fact is that you’re more likely to get into car crash as you get closer to home than far away on a road trip. It actually makes sense because many people are driving close to where they are living. The leading cause of death among teenagers in the U.S. is car accident, wherein teenagers are four times more likely than adult drivers to get injured or die in a crash. Teenagers lack practice and they experience car crash within their first year of driving. Babcock Partners trucking accident lawyers are experts in handling motor vehicle accidents. Empower yourself with traffic rules and safety measures when driving!