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Ministry of Christian Renewal Perceptive on the Water from Rock

The book of Exodus has a great revelation to today’s Christian society. It illustrates about how Moses was faced with tough situation of the complaining Israelites. The Christian Renewal Ministry uses the story to educate the Christian on the symbolic meaning of the striking of the rock.

The Relevance of the water

The true nature of the Israelites is depicted in the book of Exodus 17: 1-4 when they could not hold their thirst anymore and complained to Moses. It was a serious issue as the Israelites cannot find water to drink.The book highlights the importance of water in the human life. The people believed that Moses could come up with a solution if he went to his God.

the water from the rock

After spiritual consultations with God, Moses is ordered to select a few elders and strike the rock at Horeb for the people to drink. The water from the rock is an extraordinary action that is affirmed by God.The God wants to confirm to us that he is the same God of yesterday. The thirst of the Israelites was quenched when they drank from the rock which signifies Jesus.

the reason for speaking to the rock

In Numbers 20: 7-13 Moses is given direction to speak to the rock before the assembly but he does not follow the command. God is angered by the action of the Moses to call the gathering and strike the rock instead of speaking to it. The rock that is Jesus was sent on earth to be sacrificed once and not twice. By the time Moses is returning to the Rock it is alive and through speaking, the spiritual water can come out. The rock that is Jesus is alive and speaking with him is enough for him to give you the holy water.

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The Meaning of the Amalekite attack of the Amalekites after being thirst free

The attack on the Israelites by the Amalekites happens immediately when they are free from the thirst.The Amalekites are defeated by the Israelites and that shows that the Israelites have been give the power to overcome the temptations. The Amalekites are the immediate challenges that come on the way of the Christians when they have decided to follow Jesus Christ.

God reveals that he can renew the strength of his people by using the rock that is Jesus Christ. God uses the message to show the Christians of today that there is a relation between the Rock that was struck several years ago and his Son Jesus that he sent to the humanity. The sinners should know that Jesus was struck because of them and when they accept him, their thirsts will be quenched.

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