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Factors That Will Affect Real Estate and Property Values in Malaysia. The value of the property in Malaysia is increasing day after day. The economy of this country is the biggest contributor. First of all, the property location is the main factor that contributes to rise in the value of that property. A property that is near public goods will fetch high amount. All properties that are near busy public areas have a high demand and their values increases. Personal incomes have increased and people are more willing to invest in real estate. High income earners do a lot of investment especially on land and other properties. In real estate, supply and demand refers to the ability of people to pay for the real estate even if there is shortage of the real estate. Malaysia property value is increased by increase of the request and ability to buy when there is shortage of land. The value of the building goes down when the demand is less. Malaysia has an enormous population. Penang has a high population of 1,490 people on average per square kilometer. This high population leads to congestion in the area and the land becomes less. A lot of tourists goes to Malaysia and show interests on the land thus the price goes high.
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In addition science of construction is affecting the value of property in Malaysia. It is very expensive to purchase properties near the water bodies. Feng Shi is bringing many blessing to Malaysia people and people are believing in it. Individuals are considering most where an asset is situated.
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Inflation is affecting the value of a real estate in Malaysia. Increase or decrease of the purchasing value of a property is known as inflation. Latest news in Penang is showing that the value of property is going to increase by 5%-10%. An increase in price of the cement means that even the prices of other construction materials and even land has increased. An the increase in all these things causes the value of land to rise. Labor costs and transportation charges has contributed to an increase in value of real estate and property. The existences of property agents and auctions and real estate websites reduce the process of selling properties. It has made the real estate to be reachable to many people comfortable and favorable. This has lead to increase in demand in capital investment thus increasing the value of real estate. Mortgage value contributes to an increase in real estate and ownership value. The rent of the house is determined by the demand of the house as well as the mortgage rate.

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